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Ellis Bardsley
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Oxfordshire, OX29 0YN
United Kingdom
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Successes & Testimonials:

Gavin Harvey White Horse Fire and Security LtdOxfordshire

“Our work with Ellis and his team at Action Coach has enabled us to focus on our business development plans, drill down specific action points for implementation in our second year and look at our overall expectations and commitments needed for coming years.

What we appreciate most about working with Ellis and his team is their ability to quickly grasp our business, our personal goals and unlock our personal ambitions to grow our business.



Ellis offers a wealth of experience and enthusiasm which has helped focus our short term and long term commitment to growing our business, his mentorship has had a positive impact on our future plans in such a short space of time, we look forward to continuing to work with him and his team.”


Ben Wildeboer Lde Digital Services Wiltshire

“We have been working with Ellis for over a year now and it has proved to be a revolutionary investment.
His coaching and communication style has proved very easy and effective to work with, and over the time working with him we have unlocked a lot of potential within our management team.

We have totally restructured our accounting and marketing within the business through working with Ellis and this alone has already helped highlight weak areas and improve on our business performance as a whole. We’re looking forward to continue working with him to further improve on our sales, delivery and efficiency.
I would highly recommend ActionCOACH and specifically Ellis’ work to any business owner or general manager.”

Graeme SmithUlysses Rostering SystemsOxfordshire

“Ellis has been phenomenally successful in bringing us up to a point where our minds are open and focused on the future.

We’ve had a very productive year and the time has been truly inspiring, I would not hesitate in recommending you or acting as a reference at any time.”

Adrian JamesAdrian James Architects Oxfordshire

“Many thanks for working with us for the past year on our growth plan. The whole process has been very worthwhile and enjoyable.

My business is now much more coherent and focused. We have in place the people and processes we need to create and manage future growth, and this has happened under your careful and creative guidance. You have been unstintingly positive and proactive in your assistance and we are most appreciative of all you have done for us.”

Leanne Haines Connect Distribution West Midlands

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ellis over a period of approximately 6 months; I found the sessions extremely thought provoking and it provided me with the opportunity to discuss work based scenarios with an experienced business leader.

Ellis provided me with a number of skills/techniques that has allowed me to put clear plans in place for my teams to enable all of us to know/understand what we are going to achieve and by when. What is also great about working with Ellis is I found him to be extremely knowledgeable around a number of business topics he had the ability to refer to books and authors which I found fascinating.

Anyone that takes part in the coaching programme with Ellis will find it extremely beneficial.”

Wayne Smeeton

“I have worked with Ellis for 3 years and found his management skills to be extremely focused and supportive, with many new and initiative ideas to carry sales and turnover upwards. I have adopted many of his ideas and thinking into my everyday working practice and business planning.”

Graham Cleave

“One of the outstanding abilities Ellis has is his ability of forward thinking through a situation. I worked with Ellis for 12 years and witnessed his approach to many situations, some would fall into the potential problem/issue category, and others would be of an opportunity type situation. Ellis would always stay ahead of the curve because he would already have thought through the situation from ALL angles.”

Chris Cuthill

“I found Ellis’ management technique to be supportive, with an open door policy making him very approachable in the 14 months I worked for him. He was sympathetic towards my requirements and the demands of my customers. Said client base enjoyed significant growth with the help of Ellis’ understanding of the market and his employee based incentives.”






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